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Memsift Establishes M.O.U. With CCAST

Singapore-based Memsift Innovations Pte Ltd and the Connecticut Center for Applied Separations Technologies (CCAST) at the University of Connecticut (UConn) have executed a cooperation agreement in the form of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore application studies and pilot trials for Memsift technologies in North America. 

Memsift’s thermal separation process and membranes are based on innovative patented technologies that provide unique benefits over traditional brine treatment and zero liquid discharge solutions. Memsift’s TS-30TM system uses an innovative thermodynamic principle based thermal separation process and a proprietary membrane STOMATE® that brings down the industrial effluents treatment cost significantly. Memsift has received interests for its product and its applications from North America. Memsift determined to explore the potential markets and applications for its products in the region. It would be advantageous to appoint a strategic partner who possesses the technical understanding and analytical facilities to perform the application studies and pilot trials to validate the product for its initial customers in the United State of America (USA). 

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UConn Students, Professors Team up to Make Hand Sanitizer

STORRS, CT (WFSB) — A team of UConn students and professors are on a mission to fill 20,000 bottles of hand sanitizer.

Their ultimate goal is to hand out the product for free at senior living communities, to first responders, soup kitchens, and food pantries.

“It’s something that we’re happy to do and is our privilege to do,” said Noah Ferguson, a PhD student at UConn.

Ferguson is among the team of other volunteers focusing on at risk communities during the pandemic.

“Many people, especially the elderly, or if they’re on fixed income, they just can’t afford these things, and so those are the people we’re trying to reach,” said Jeffrey McCutcheon, associate professor of Chemical Engineering at UConn.

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UConn Scientists Working to Develop First of its Kind Ventilator

STORRS, CT (WFSB) – With the possibility of Connecticut having a shortage of ventilators, a team of scientists from the University of Connecticut is stepping up to help.

They’re working on developing a first of its kind ventilator.

When it comes to ventilators, health officials are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

In Connecticut and across the country, there could potentially be a shortage of life-saving ventilators.

That’s why for the last three weeks, UConn’s Center for Applied Separations Technology lab has been working on an emergency ventilator that area hospitals could use if need be.

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Industrial Separations Workshop 2019

The inaugural industrial separations workshop was held in September 2019 with 80 attendees from 60 companies.

Past agenda can be found here.pdf.

Excerpt from Water Desalination Report

On 27 September, the University of Connecticut (UConn) hosted over 80 representatives from 60 companies at the introductory event for the newly opened Fraunhofer USA’s Center for Energy Innovation. Attendees traveled from across North America, Singapore, Japan, Germany and Denmark to attend the Industrial Workshop on Separations Technology, and to hear sessions that included presentations by technology providers and end users. Sessions were chaired and panels were moderated by Professor Jeff McCutchoen, the Center’s executive director, Heartland Technologies’ Earl Jones, True North’s Steve Kloos and Peter Fiske, the executive director of the National Alliance for Water Innovation, who was recently selected to manage the DOE’s Desal Hub. Some of the participating membrane and membrane systems companies were 3M, Alsys, Cerahelix, CrossTek, Gradiant, i2m, Inopor, KMS, Marmon Water, Nanostone, Safbon and Veolia Water.

More from Water Desalination Report can be found here.pdf.

Industrial Separations Workshop – Fall 2020

Title, Date and Location


2nd CCAST Industrial Separations Workshop 2020


October 8th & 9th,  2020


Storrs, Connecticut


This Industrial Workshop will be an excellent opportunity to network with other companies across the spectrum of separations technology users and providers. It will include industry speakers discussing the importance and value propositions for new separations technologies. Discussion topics will include challenges or pain points that require new separations technologies, business opportunities for new separations technologies, how separation technologies affect your industry / business, innovations in separation technologies, and perspectives and trends on the separations field that can guide future R&D efforts.

Attendees at this workshop will be various stakeholders in separations technologies including end users, established providers, start-ups, technology accelerators, government influencers, public/private funding entities, researchers, experienced consultants/industry experts as well as technology integrators.

The vision for this workshop is to become a premier separations event which features extremely well curated talks with prominent speakers in the separations world where all the high quality attendees have sufficient time to both learn from and network with each other.

Connecticut Sustainability Investment Summit — Fall 2020

Title, Date and Location


Connecticut Sustainability Venture Summit


First week of Dec 2020


Hartford CT


It will an international sustainability themed venture capital summit which would aim to link start-ups who are involved in any aspect of sustainability, ranging from energy, air, water, agriculture, data science etc, with all types of investors ranging from strategic corporations to venture firms, banks, angel investors and more. Technology accelerators, incubators as well consulting firms will be among the attendees. There will at least 40 start ups who will pitch their technology and team.

The vision for CAST is to be become an enabler and facilitator to bring together early stage technology companies, who are involved in sustainability, with investors who share their vision. This summit will feature a well curated talk and/or roundtable agenda with high quality speakers to not only allow for learning opportunities but also be the platform for making the right connections and bring value to all attendees.

More information to come soon!

Upstream O & G Roundtable 2019

We have also teamed up with Mazarine Ventures and Barclays to hold exclusive luncheon venture meetings across the United States around topics of water challenges in oil and gas, lead contamination, PFAS, food and beverage technologies, and data management and monitoring in water systems. Our last luncheon was in Dec 2019 in Houston on water challenges in the upstream oil and gas market. Invite can be found here.