Active Projects

  • Utilizing solar energy to make clean water: A $1.1M Project funded by the DOE Concentrated Solar Program utilizing ceramic membranes for membrane distillation
  • Capturing carbon dioxide to make fuel: A $876k Project on ethanol purification funded by the US Department of Energy and is a collaboration with two startup companies (Mattershift, Prometheus). Recent highlights include demonstrating extracting 80% ethanol mixtures from 10% solutions
  • Using membranes to help premature babies: We are developing new membrane devices that will gently dewater human breastmilk so that it can be ingested by premature babies
  • Utilizing membranes to concentrate substances of value to an industrial client as part of their novel treatment train
  • Designing, fabrication and testing of a highly customized benchtop membrane testing unit which will then be handed over to the customer for utilization
  • Utilizing novel membranes technologies to help a client concentrate their propriety novel substance
  • Testing various mask materials to evaluate the efficiency to filter out COVID-19 viruses / air particulates
  • Near NIOSH testing of masks for healthcare organizations

Example of Active Projects