Connecticut Sustainability Investment Summit — Fall 2020

Title, Date and Location


Connecticut Sustainability Venture Summit


First week of Dec 2020


Hartford CT


It will an international sustainability themed venture capital summit which would aim to link start-ups who are involved in any aspect of sustainability, ranging from energy, air, water, agriculture, data science etc, with all types of investors ranging from strategic corporations to venture firms, banks, angel investors and more. Technology accelerators, incubators as well consulting firms will be among the attendees. There will at least 40 start ups who will pitch their technology and team.

The vision for CAST is to be become an enabler and facilitator to bring together early stage technology companies, who are involved in sustainability, with investors who share their vision. This summit will feature a well curated talk and/or roundtable agenda with high quality speakers to not only allow for learning opportunities but also be the platform for making the right connections and bring value to all attendees.

More information to come soon!