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about CCAST.


Connecticut Center for Applied Separations Technologies (CCAST) is dedicated to supporting the separations industry by providing contract R&D services that identify energy and cost-efficient solutions for separations needs through thoughtful consideration of innovative materials, differentiating techniques & robust process design.


Membrane Fabrication

CCAST works with various membrane configurations and also employs the latest membrane fabrication techniques to fabricate customised membranes for your air and liquid separation needs

Membrane Testing

From the lab to protype to pilot and full-scale, CCAST has a wide range of separation equipment across the disciplines of water, solvent, vapor and gas

Mask/PPE Testing

As part of our COVID-19 response, CCAST can now test unique mask materials to near NIOSH or to NIOSH standards.

Separation Testing
Design & Fabrication

For that unique application, CCAST will custom design and build separation equipment to suit your needs.

What makes CCAST different?

We are technology agnostic, not-for-profit and are eager to help with your separation challenges across the disciplines of water, solvent, vapor and gas. Our team of engineers and researchers are dynamic, flexible and open to exploring different ways of collaboration.

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