Standardized Separation Equipment Testing

  • One (1) coupon and small element gas permeation (CCAST)

Our center has a wide variety of separation equipment for our clients testing needs. The equipment include:

  • One (1) coupon and small element gas permeation
  • One (1) flat sheet benchtop pervaporation
  • one (1) small element pervaporation
  • One (1) flat sheet and small element membrane distillation (Photo is coming!)
  • Three (3) flat sheet forward osmosis (Photo is coming!)
  • One (1) flat sheet pressure retarded osmosis (Photo is coming!)
  • Twelve (12) benchtop flatsheet RO test cells (over 2 systems) (Photo is coming!)
  • One (1) element-scale FO
  • One (1) element scale RO
  • One (1) bench-scale UF/NF for tubular membranes
  • One (1) TSI automated mask testing system using a NIOSH standard (Photo is coming!)
  • One (1) filtration media test system for small coupons (non-NIOSH)
  • One (1) Pilot UF/NF
  • One (1) Rauschert InnoMini
  • One (1) Vacuum MD System

    Additional LINK to Specifications, Applications & Operating Limits for certain equipment can be found here