Fee for Service Work and Applied R&D

CCAST executes a wide range of fee for service work and applied R&D on behalf of the client. Being a not-for-profit organization as well as part of a public institution, this allows us to best serve the interest of the client while maintaining extremely reasonable costs. Such work includes but is not limited to:

  • Testing for air filtration, mask material and PPE for particle filtration (before and after disinfection, including NIOSH standard testing for n95 and n99
  • Applications testing utilizing lab bench scale, prototype, pilot scale testing of membrane and/or separations process with a variety of feed streams
  • Testing for air filtration and mask material for particle filtration (including NIOSH standard testing for n95 and n99
  • Membrane characterization, innovation, development, validation and synthesis (performance, longevity) for any separations need
  • Design, fabrication and testing of customized bench or pilot scale separations prototype systems
  • Technology evaluation / validation for certain applications
  • Technology comparison/benchmarking of commercial options for tailored separations needs
  • Development of standard operating procedures for customized systems and membrane elements
  • Designing and trialling a solution for your separation challenges
  • Analysis of mass transfer processes and membrane separation mechanisms