Specialized Technology Platforms

We understand that there are many membrane platforms to consider when selecting one for your separations.  Our position is technology agnostic and we will find one that will best fit your needs.  Our staff has a diverse background in membrane technology and can offer a number of platforms for industrial separations . These include:

Ceramic membranes – Ceramic membranes a wide range of separations capabilities in thermal and chemical conditions where  for separation applications where polymeric membranes cannot.  An existing partnership with ceramic membrane producer Fraunhofer IKTS and Rauschert give us access to a variety of ceramic membranes for many different separations processes.

Polymeric Membranes – Polymeric membranes have applications across liquid and gas separations.  They are available in numerous geometries (flat sheet, hollow fiber) at a competitive price point.  The team has in-depth experience in-depth experience in reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, nanofiltration (aqueous and non-aqueous), membrane distillation, and gas separations.

Mixed Matrix Membranes – The combination of polymeric and inorganic materials may enable unique separation properties in membranes.  We work with mixed matrix membranes and have developed unique approaches to fabricate them for liquid, vapor, and gas separations applications.

Air Filtration/PPE Materials – We have in-house capabilities to test materials that can be used in air filtration or for personal masks and respirators.  While we can provide a myriad of testing services (including a pre-certification for NIOSH testing that is required for n95 designation), we can also produce filtration media using processes such as electrospinning and casting.  We can farm out or purchase other materials for filter material development.

Ion Exchange/Adsorption – We can work with commercial off-the-shelf absorbers or ion exchange resins for specific separations that may be needed as part of a hybrid separation system.

Other Separations Needs – We have a strong network of collaborators here and abroad who can provide information that may be outside of our core expertise.  If we cannot do what you need, we can find someone who can.