Anand Dixit


Ph.D. Candidate

Anand Dixit belongs to Dr. McCutcheon research group. He is a second year graduate (PhD) student from Polymer Science (Institute of Material Science IMS). He pursued his B.Tech (Bachelors of Technology) from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India in 2015. After pursuing his B.Tech degree, he was working as a research assistant on “Microbial color development” in the same institute in Department of Chemical Engineering. He signed for his M.Tech (Surface Coating Technology) in 2016 in the same institute where his thesis topic was “Studies in antimicrobial coating systems” where he synthesized polymers and utilized the same for thin film antimicrobial coatings. Working on his M.Tech thesis triggered his interest for polymers and coatings. This interest brought him to the University of Connecticut for PhD in Polymer Science under Dr. McCutcheon group. In this research lab his main focus is towards preparing polymer membranes for desalination/ Reverse Osmosis. He is currently inclined towards preparing polymeric asymmetric membranes by employing green solvents for desalination purpose and he is looking forward to explore this polymer membrane research field to the best he could.